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Meet the Rhino’s a New BIG behind the scenes encounter

An up close and personal behind the scenes experience with Mogo Zoo’s rhino’s Jabari and Kei. An awesome encounter with one of the worlds largest endangered species.You will discover how these two tonne brothers are cared for on this personal guided tour of their facilities and yards with our experienced Rhino keeper. You may even get to give them a scratch or pat ! A BIG experience.

Our new map can be located here

Meet the Bolivian squirrel monkeys

Amazing opportunity to meet these very active and fun primates. Encounters now offered twice daily.

Be prepared to be entertained !! cost: $150 per person or $250 for two people. An up close and personal experience you will never forget.


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A message from Sally

Mogo Zoo does not receive government funding. Admission charges directly contribute to the upkeep of the animals at Mogo Zoo. Without your support the success of Mogo Zoo and its devotion to some of the worlds most endangered species would not have been made possible. Connecting people with nature by doing good things for animals is my lifes work. Thank you

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